Could productivity and collaboration at your tech organization use a boost? Then you've found me just in time.

Hi, I'm Nastassia!


You stand behind your company's tech and KNOW that it has limitless potential! You have your eye on a buyout, IPO, or better market share… If only you could accelerate the ability of your leaders to take on greater responsibility, improve the work climate and morale, and improve overall performance.

You can! And I can help you.


I specialize in helping Tech organizations improve overall leadership and cooperation among their employees so they are happier, more effective as a team, and more productive.



With the growing popularity of hiring outside coaches, I offer a rare tech focused and specialized approach. I have intimate knowledge of the tech industry, understanding its culture, challenges, and specific needs.

Some of the benefits my clients see:
- Performance improvement
- Reduced turnover "retain your best and brightest"
- Improvement in leadership effectiveness, which is directly linked to organizational improvement
- Commitment from leaders to action plans and team improvement
- Boost in profits
- Employees feel valued when an organization invests in them



“Nastassia is an AMAZING coach for any entrepreneur looking to expand beyond their comfort zone and start making business dreams into a reality. She has amazing strategies and insight when it comes to digital business vision and customizes her coaching to your specific business needs.” Rachel M. - M.A.CCC-SLP & CEO

“In a short time, we addressed a lot of very difficult scenarios, and she was not put off by how complicated these things were. She is very quick-minded and perceptive— a good listener who picks up on things you say in the moment, without needing to go too far into your story or the rabbit hole. She knows how to keep you on track.” Sofia A. - Business Development Executive for Tech Organizations



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