I am Nastassia and I am so glad you are here. Whatever led you to seek out coaching, shows what you've known all along: that you already have what it takes to be the one in charge and leading your business to success.

I am here to revolutionize how tech companies are run.

To stop the pattern of women and minorities in tech not living up to their potential as leaders. To show you that you have everything you need and more to be the CEO of your own life and at work. To help more people like you become the BOSSES we are meant to be, while leading, teaching and supporting others along the way, so that you never have to feel like you are "baby-sitting" at work, or feel like your ideas and accomplishments are being overlooked.

My life today looks exactly like the daydreams I'd have in my cubicle not long ago

  • I work with the most kick-ass, brave and innovative women in tech through my one-on-one programs, corporate coaching gigs, retreats, guiding them to lead their lives and businesses to success and longevity
  • I set the schedule I want for myself, accepting that I prefer to have my mornings free to have a relaxing breakfast, working out, meditating, going to the beach to watch my boyfriend surf, then kicking it to high gear in the afternoons and evenings when my brain actually works and I am excited to work.
  • I take at least one big trip a month and already have trips to Palm Springs, Mexico, and Brazil planned just in the next three months
  • I let go of all the blocks that kept me from accepting success and fearing failure

But, my life was definitely not like this before.

I guess I always knew I would be a great leader and influence others to be great leaders as well. I got my first job at 14 because I knew that independence and experience went hand-in-hand. Throughout high school and college I held many odd jobs and excelled at all of them, quickly meeting and exceeding quotas and learning new methods, but there was always a sense that things could be done better, more efficiently. But maybe because of my age or because I was a girl, somehow my ideas were never implemented, and more than once my accomplishments went unnoticed or dismissed.

I moved to LA in my early twenties and fell into the tech world almost by accident when a friend brought me into one of the MANY tech startups in Silicon Beach.

That's all it took, I was bitten by the tech startup bug and dove head first into the tech work culture.  I've never been shy about my love of efficiency and optimization, but while the small team I was a part of kept thinking of ways to better sales and marketing, I felt like I was shouting in an empty room when I knew the answer really was BETTER LEADERSHIP. Thinking I could be of better service else where, I moved to a bigger, sexier startup and while we had a bigger kitchen, a better ping-pong table and an in house brewery, my ideas and suggestions were met with the same resistance and I actually watched as lower performers with less experience were getting promoted and my own job seemed to be going nowhere.  I actually almost missed on a big bonus because the President of my company didn't think I had met my quota. Not only had I met it, I had exceeded it by 25%. And let's not even go into the harassment side of things... It didn't end there and I started to meet many more women in so many tech companies having the same experiences.

It was then, I decided to make it my mission to create the kinds of leaders I would have wanted to work for, in the kinds of businesses I wanted to be a part of. 

So here is what I did:

  • I got a coach! Best decision of my life, it took me from a place of frustration, to getting clear on the steps to fulfill my mission
  • Went back to school (while still working full time) to get certified as a leadership coach
  • Attended as many networking events as I could to go out there and talk to other women and understand what was missing for them in their tech environments
  • Created the kinds of programs that I wish I had had when I was struggling in my tech startups
  • Started my own company, working with the badass women I wanted to work with, running it like leader I always knew was inside me waiting to take over

Now it's your turn.

I created this business for you. To help and guide you out of your current situation and into the leadership position you know you are meant for.

I have been there, I know your world and I know the things that are keeping you counting down the time at work and dreading your commute in the morning. But I also know the President, CEO, investor and boss that's hiding in you. And that you can have everything you've only allowed yourself to dream so far. And I am here to tell you that all this dreaming is what brought you here today, and that this is the first step getting you closer to where you see yourself.

Whether we work together one-on-one, in one of my group programs, through the free content I provide here on my site, my newsletter, or even if you just stop by Instagram to hello, I am here for you because I truly believe that you can create a better tech world. One where you are a leader working to create change in a meaningful way, while still allowing yourself to reap the benefits you deserve.


As a coach, Nas helped me gain important clarity as to what I was looking for and we worked together to set goals each week to take charge and accomplish these things. Not only were we able to work on immediate goals at hand, but we dug deeper into the underlying obstacles that were in the way. Once we were able to remove these blocks, then moving forward on pursuing my dreams was easy!
— CINDY F. Tech Professional and Coach