Founding Members Mastermind

You have the next big startup idea and you KNOW it!

Are you ready to launch it?

I don't have to convince you that your idea has everything it needs to become a billion dollar business, because if you're here, you're already sure of that. Because you are visionary, a game-changer, a disruptor.

So I'm not going to sell you anything, or talk you into anything, I'm not even going to try to overcome your objections.

Because the truth is that if you're here, it's because you're already feeling a connection, and you're already psyched to get started!


And that feeling... that "can't think of anything other than this crazy-good idea" feeling, that "every moment spent working for someone else is a waste" feeling,  that "I want to get started on my own business NOW!" feeling is what brought you here... right now!

But until this very moment, there was something holding you back.

Something telling you that you don't have enough experience, don't have enough money, don't have enough time, don't have enough resources, or knowledge or courage...

When in reality, the only thing you need, is YOU.

You are straight up magic. And all this power you have inside is the only thing you really need to turn your idea into reality.

 Me and Smarter Boss™ Whitney

You don't have to live a life where you ideas are born and die inside you without ever seeing the light.

How do I know this?

Just a couple years ago, I was in the same spot you are now.

I was working at a great tech startup that was skyrocketing to success, where my coworkers seemed happy to keep the machine running. But not me. I was frustrated, annoyed, and couldn't think of anything other than getting the hell out.

I had always known I was meant for entrepreneurship, but every time I tried, I would just run back to the corporate world with my tail between my legs and scared to do it again. 

What I didn't know then was that even though I knew the "exact steps" I needed to take, even though I had the experience, and even though I had great ideas... I didn't have the right mindset. I was insecure, I was afraid of failure, I had doubts about my self-worth... and THAT was what was keeping my business stuck.

So with nothing left to lose, with practically no money and no time (I had just had a baby), I took a year to study, and dive deep into mindset work and shifted all the paradigms that were holding me back. Finally, I made the move to launch the business idea that was living inside me for so long: a mindful startup incubator led and run by women, focused on true collaboration and open-mindedness, where people are empowered to do their best work, while launching awesome money-making businesses.

If I went from concept to launch to successfully running my own business this quickly, so can you.

I am saying "no more" to badass women being overlooked and underfunded in business, when there are people waiting to work with you and looking for exactly what you have to offer... right NOW.


And because I believe that, I created the No Bulls*** Startup Bootcamp

This mastermind was designed to give you specifically what you need:

  • Support in letting go of all the "I never" "I should" "If only" thoughts that are keeping you stuck

  • Guidance through each and every step of your startup journey

  • Access to a community of like-minded founders and incredible resources you need.

All this without having to compromise a life of wealth and freedom.

With the No BS Startup Bootcamp

  • You will find the way out of your job, and into the leadership of your own business.

  • Finally get clear on WHAT YOU REALLY WANT and how to make it a reality.

  • Learn to live your true meaning and stop wasting your time at a job where your potential is so unrealized.  

  • Determine the specific steps to securely start your own business where you will be able to support, promote and hire more badass women so you can look forward to work EVERYDAY.

  • Clearly map out the path to launch your new product WITHOUT WASTING MONEY.

  • Learn the 5 things that are preventing you from success and how to overcome them so you can change your mindset, have more fun, and less overwhelm.  

  • Map out the path to a place where you make your own schedule, earn multiple 6 or 7 figures, spread your message and create a better work environment for yourself and others.

WHAT'S INCLUDED IN THE No BS Startup Bootcamp?

  • LIVE WEEKLY COACHING CALLS: When you join FMM you'll join me for weekly LIVE Coaching Calls so you have a chance to get all your questions answered and walk through your current challenges with me LIVE -- that means every week for 6 months you'll have access to high-level personalized coaching! 
  • LIFETIME ACCESS TO WEEKLY Q&A'S: Even if you miss a call, can't stay for the whole session or just need to revisit an important point, you will have access to recordings of all our weekly calls immediately after they happen. Use them as a tool to get even more guidance on the exact next steps.
  • TWO PRIVATE COACHING CALLS: You and me get to sit down, for as long as it takes, to go over your journey, your product, or any hurdles you are facing, in a private setting so that we can discuss specifics of your business. You pick the time and the day for these calls at any point during our 6 months together.
  • A SECURED (FREE) SPOT AT MY STARTUP BOOSTCAMP WEEKEND: Come spend two action-packed days in sunny LA with me, mingling with other founding members and some of Silicon Beach's brightest startup geniuses. You'll have a chance to go over your pitch, get a walk through of the funding processes, and have a safe space to test your ideas. 



When you join the FOUNDING MEMBERS MASTERMIND during the early bird phase, you get even more!

LIFETIME ACCESS TO OUR PRIVATE SLACK GROUP: You have 24/7 access to this space and can ask questions anytime and receive answers from other mastermind founders and myself. I'm in this space Tuesday - Friday so you're never far from the personalized support you need :) 

ONE EXTRA PRIVATE COACHING SESSION: This means even more time to talk to me and get the guidance you need for YOUR startup. This can be great for that midway point in your journey or when you're just not feeling like you can't go on. I'm here for you! 

EXCLUSIVE INVITE AND A MASSIVE DISCOUNT TO THE STARTUP BOOST EVENT IN MEXICO:  Come exchange ideas, share resources, and really boost your business journey in a safe and fun setting (some of the best and most lucrative ideas come from these boost weekends). 

VIP Seats Still Available


Are you ready to go from "I should" to "I did"? Ready to take your idea from concept to a money-making venture?


Don't wake up 6 months from now wishing you had started today!

Hear it from those who have been exactly where you are... 

Nastassia is an AMAZING coach for any entrepreneur looking to expand beyond their comfort zone and start making business dreams into a reality. She has amazing strategies and insight when it comes to digital business vision and customizes her coaching to your specific business needs.

I really needed help with prioritizing all of my action steps and figuring out what’s important and what is able to wait. Also recognizing my perfectionist tendencies and being able to move forward even when things may not be perfect. Nastassia was able to help me talk through some potential roadblocks and create a plan for overcoming obstacles. She also was really great and helping me stay accountable for executing my plan.
— Rachel M.
As a coach, Nas helped me gain important clarity as to what I was looking for and we worked together to set goals each week to take charge and accomplish these things. Not only were we able to work on immediate goals at hand, but we dug deeper into the underlying obstacles that were in the way. Once we were able to remove these blocks, then moving forward on pursuing my dreams was easy!
— Cindy F.
Nas cares, which means she is holding space for you to breakthrough whatever is blocking you. In a short time, we addressed a lot of very difficult scenarios, and she was not put off by how complicated these things were. She is very quick-minded and perceptive— a good listener who picks up on things you say in the moment, without needing to go too far into your story or the rabbit hole. She knows how to keep you on track. She knows how to identify random comments as clues to areas where you may be blocked, and circles back in a conversation to call you out on it, or to explore further, in order to clear emotional or limiting beliefs.

She doesn’t let you get away with excuses and keeps you focused and in a kind way. Nas believes you can change or take a new approach, to do things differently to get new results. She lives up to her company name by encouraging you to have the guts to design a life that makes the most sense for you, by giving you permission to explore what that would look like, which is very exciting!
— Sofia A.
If you’re looking for clarity, direction or help finding your path, talk to Nastassia. Working together, we quickly got to the crux of my issue and she was able to help me see what I’ve been struggling with for some time. I gained more confidence, direction and ideas that I have already implemented to start the business I’ve been thinking about for years. I ended the year by starting the business I had been dreaming about for over 30 years!

Is this bootcamp for you?

If you feel like you really want to start a business NOW! You have a desperate hunger to get started TODAY! If you are absolutely fed up with working for other people and willing to commit to whatever it takes to start your business.

And you are NOT A VICTIM and are willing to take 100% of the responsibility for your business journey. 


you don’t feel confident in your abilities, have doubts about where and how to start or have no idea how to run a business